About us

Navier Ingeniería was founded in 2006 by professionals with wide experience in the field of engineering and consulting in the development of facilities and infrastructure. It has since received endorsements from important clients in both the private and public sectors. We provide customers with our knowledge and technical skills from the very conception of their initiatives. Our collaboration stretches from the realization of initial research and studies, the identification of financial resources, the maximizing of the investment and the acquiring of the necessary permissions and licenses for the project. Navier can manage your building projects including the site management of the work. When completed, our company provides advice on the optimal exploitation of the facilities and structures ensuring the best possible cost/benefit ratios. We can provide a wide variety of engineering services appropriate to the needs of most companies. Our highly professional and specialized staff are qualified to assist in any project with their technical and scientific expertise and experience employing the latest technological and calculation tools. We provide comprehensive and continual supervision throughout each contract and build each project around the individual demands of the job. Our service is built on experience, quality and excellent resources.L Calidad Navier


Quality and environmental qualification

Navier Engineeringcalidad iso 14001-pcalidad iso 9001-p follows an Environment and Quality Management Integrated System accredited by ENAC, which complies with UNE-ENISO-9001 and UNE-EN-ISO-14001. All the staff at Navier Engineering incorporate the environmental variables throughout the whole process of their work, from project design to on-site work. Sustainable processes for the management of the resources are applied with the aim of providing high quality and environmentally safe products.

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